2016 - present
Research Chemist
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Current research includes development of new materials for *omic applications and generating standardized proteomic data across non-model species as part of the CoMPARe Program (Comparative Mammalian Proteome Aggregator Resource). Acquiring high-quality *omic data from non-model organisms is especially exciting given the challenges of sequencing and annotating genomes, acquiring samples, and developing computational tools to compare results across species. His other primary focus is emerging proteomic applications, specifically working with stakeholders to optimize and standardize methods for data-independent acquisition and metaproteomic analysis. These projects are generating publicly available standardized methods, data, and data mining tools with the overarching goal of supporting commerce by advancing and harmonizing measurement science as well as developing resources for stakeholders to accelerate research capabilities.

2010, 2018 - present
Research Adjunct Faculty
College of Charleston

Currently a Research Adjunct faculty member in the College of Charleston’s Graduate Program in Marine Biology (GPMB). In 2010, also taught a sophmore level biology course, BIOL 211, to science majors.

2012 - 2016
Staff Scientist
Medical University of South Carolina

Director of Computational Proteomics and Bioinformatics at the MUSC Proteomics Center. Developed new workflows to integrate genomic (NGS) and proteomic data in a meaningful way to create synergy between the approaches, improving their analytical strength and statistical power. These algorithms used open-source platforms with eventual integration of other -omic data such as lipidomic and metabolomic. Additional work to develop novel methods to analyze high dimensional proteomic data and quantitative post-translational modification studies.

2009 - 2012
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Medical University of South Carolina

Developed a a technique that uses MALDI TOF-MS to identify sea lions with domoic acid toxicosis. Provided support to other projects which has resulted in advancing biomarker identification in numerous diseases, optimized multiple reaction monitoring techniques for protein quantification, and non-parametric tools that are utilized to evaluate experimental results.

2004 - 2009
Graduate Student
Medical University of South Carolina

Besides developing specialized skills, filled the role of lab manager directing other graduate students, summer students and technicians. Collaborated across many agencies and academic institutions including NIST, NOAA, UKY, USC, UGA and CofC.

2002 - 2004
Teacher Assistant & Laboratory Technician
The University of Georgia

In addition to teaching the lab for Soils and Hydrology (CRSS 3060) for three semesters, also performed metals (ICP-MS) and organic analyses (GC-MS) on soils from superfund sites.

Summer 2003
Research Assistant
The University of Florida

Designed and carried out field and laboratory biogeochemical experiments to investigate nutrient flux (N and P) from sediments in the Lower Saint Johns River across temporal scales.

Summer 2002
Boomkweker (Horticulture Exchange Student)
Boomkwekerij Togtema

Helped run operations at a small greenhouse in Buitenpost, Netherlands, from propagation to field planting and transport to auction. Never mastered fierljeppen, but did develop a fondness for Friesland.

Summer 2001
Laboratory Technician
Vanderbilt University

Purified and crystalized a CYP450 protein of interest, as well as performed mutagenesis studies of amino acid residues involved with the porphyrin ring. [ref]


Medical University of South Carolina
Ph.D., Biomedical Science (September 2009)
Effect of pH on metal- and nanoparticle-microbe interactions
GPA: 3.688/4.0

The University of Georgia
B.S.E.S., Environmental Soil Science (December 2003)
Graduated Magna Cum Laude, GPA: 3.72/4.0

Honors & Distinctions

ACS Editors Choice for Neely et al., 2021

2021 Rising Stars in Proteomics and Metabolomics

1st place student presentation at the 43rd Annual IAAAM Conference, 2012

2nd place poster at the MUSC Student Research Day, 2011

1st place student presentation at the 42nd Annual IAAAM Conference, 2011

1st place poster at Department of Medicine’s 5th Annual Research Day, 2010

Editorial Assignments & Committees

Proteomics Standards Research Group (ABRF), Chair (2021-present)

Proteomics Research Group (ABRF), Member (2018-present), Co-Chair (2020-present)

Informatics Proteomics Research Group (ABRF) ad hoc Member (2019-2022)

Steering Committee for Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry study (at WHOI, NSF funded; 2019-present)

Viral Emergence Research Initiative (The Verena Consortium; 2020-present)

US Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) 2022 Conference Organizing Committee

US Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Virtual Media Outreach Committee, Chair (2022-2023)

US Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Board of Directors, At-Large Member (2023-present)

Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Proteome Research (2020-present)

Editorial Board for the Journal of Biomolecular Techniques (2020-present)

Editor for Data Independent Acquisition Methods. MassSpectrometryMethods.org (2018-present)


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Assay for Measurement of Adiponectin and High Molecular Weight Adiponectin, 6/2013 (provisional, not converted)

Glycan panels as specific tumor tissue biomarkers, 9/2014 (provisional, not converted)